To-Do List

The 'still working on it' bit...
The main priority has been to get the British Rock Art Collection back online, so some parts of it still require further work and a little 'tweaking'.

A captions file was included with the images 'rescued' from the old fotopic servers. These original BRAC captions (where available) have been attached to the relevant images, but these are often just a date and some images have no caption.
It should be possible to update many of the captions to include the contributors name, but this will take a while. So if you see one of your images uncredited - it's on the ‘to do list’.

Currently Jalbum is primarily photo gallery software - so adding text to the image pages is not really possible. However some details can be added beneath individual images.

World Rock Art
BRAC also contained a world rock art section and these images will be added soon.