Credits List

Thanks and acknowledgements
The British Rock Art Collection is a 'team effort' and the people who contributed their photographs deserve special thanks. The recent rebuilding of the gallery made it possible to identify many of the original contributors from the file names and these people are listed below in recognition of their input.

While sorting through the BRAC images, several names stood out as having provided large numbers of photographs for many sites, and although reluctant to single out individuals, their contributions are very significant, so an extra thanks must go to George Currie, Ian Hobson, Brian Kerr & Suzanne Forster, Gavin Parry and Richard Stroud.

The majority of the images on BRAC were contributed by Jan Brouwer and his friends. A smaller number were added with permission of the owners, but the origins of a few are uncertain, so if anyone notes any of these please let us know.

People listed on original BRAC ‘contributors’ page
Jan Brouwer
Gus Van Veen
Stan Beckensall
Paul Bennett
Paul and Barbara Brown
George Currie
Andy Curtis
Graeme Chappell
Stuart Henson
Ian Hobson
Brian Kerr
Suzanne Forster
Aron Mazel
Ronald Morris
George Nash
Gavin Parry
Adam Stanford
Richard Stroud
Maarten and Elles Van Hoek
Peter Westdorp
Joop Brouwer
Richard Bradley
Paul Frodsham
Kate Sharpe

The full contributors list (listed alphabetically)
All the people listed here are thanked for contributing to the Rock Art Gallery; it would not exist without them.

John Allen
Willie Angus (Flickr)
Barry ? (Flickr)
Marion Bennan (TMP)
Gavin Berkenheger
Chris Bickerton (TMA Postman)
Philip blackwood (Geograph)
Alan Bowers (TMP)
Ken Bowker
Nick Brand (TMA)
Ron Brander
Chris Brooks (TMA Scubi63)
Tom Bullock
Anne Burgess (Geograph)
Tristan Campbell
Hanna Casement
Phil Chapman (Flickr)
Bill Chapman
Chris Collyer (TMA Kozmik Ken)
Jim Coombes
Ian Craig
Sarah Dalrymple
Wiliam Daniell
Kenny Davidson (Wiki)
James Denham
Nicola Didsbury (TMP)
Liz Fleming
Lesley Gray
Iain? Hewitt
Rob James
Adam Kadmon (TMA)
James Kenworthy
Les Knight
Jim Knowles (flickr)
Tim Laurie
Liz Macauslan
Bob Marshall (flickr)
Simon Marshall (kammer tma)
Neil McDermot (wiki)
Pat Mackie
Ken Moffat
Stewart Morrison (flickr)
Hugh Morison (TMP)
Pat Morrisey
Mike Murray (TMA)
Ian Murray (TMA)
Andy Nicol
j. Ousby (
Jeremy Percival
Zavier Pick (artist)
Tim Prevett (equinox)
Austen John Reid (TMP)
Chris Robinson
Clive Ruggles
Mike Savage (BRAC)
Daniel Scott (TMA)
Paul Scott scotty (TMA)
David Shepherd
Mike Short (facebook)
Elliot Simpson (wiki)
Roy Snaith
Terry Staniforth (TMP)
Neil Stevenson
Don Stobbart
Andy Sweet
Jim Talbot
Ian Thompson (tom fourwinds)
Mark Waller
- Waterhouse?
Aaron Watson
Richard Webb
Graham White (BRAC)
'Raymonds' rock art tours

Alias Names - Modern Antiquarian and Megalithic Portral People
12 pointer (TMA) = gavin berkenheger?
aimeesprite (rabl)
andy h (TMP)
angiel (TMP)
baza (RABL)
boneman (TMP)
broen (TMA)
celtic stoneman (Flickr)
cosmic (TMP)
countrybhoy (TMA)
dees (TMP)
howburn digger - s morrison?
dizzydalek (TMA)
ethelwulf (TMP)
goffik (TMA)
greywether (TMA)
hamish (TMA)
howburn digger
howden (TMA)
jumble jim
tai chi john
willow herb june (Flickr)
listerinepree (TMA)
martin (TMA)
mehir? (RABL)
moth (TMA)
mr hamhead (TMA)
nicola (TMP)
pab (TMA)
paddybhoy (BRAC)
drew parsons (TMP)
phatdad (TMA)
rdavymed (TMA)
david raven
robc (TMP)
shemore (TMA)
shogbits (TMP)
stubob = stuart henson?
shropshire traveller
thelonious (TMA)
thorgrim (TMP)
treehugger (TMA)
uisden (TMP)
vicky (TMP)
wee biddy
whatisthat (TMP)
vagadondnma (TMP)